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About Us

Hot Tea Herbs and Fruits is an online store that sells quality products and aims at providing Quality Products with just one click at our beloved customer’s doorstep without the hassle of going out. Besides Tea, Herbs and Fruits are two of the greatest things mankind has. They are not only rich in taste but great for health as well.


Everyone knows tea is fantastic so it is our main Product too. Tea is the choice of those who know it’s worth and health beneficial properties. Here at different flavors of tea are available, you can select according to your Mood and Personal Taste Choice.

We as aim at delivering health benefits to everyone as well as the balance between Relax and Boost. Our tea has a secret Benefit, that is Mood enhancement. If you want to enjoy a moment, mood is the key. Our special tea has a hypnotizing effect that can change your mood in a much better way. Take your time, treat yourself special, and enjoy one of our products.